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LOA Updates to version 3998
« on: December 14, 2013, 03:58:18 AM »
Hello LoA Fans! Good news!

We've just gone live with version 3998 and the patch notes are as follows,

LOA 1.61.803.3998 Patch notes

* Updated the first three levels to improve performance and decrease loading time
* Added and improved sounds to several areas of the game
* Updated enemy combat AI
* Added head tracking on all enemies
* Damage HUD text now shows color coded damage types
* Updated the arena mode “Death match”.
* Updated the achievements GUI
* Fixed an issue where enemy spawning reduced frame rate
* Fixed an issue where loading sound reduced frame rate
* Optimized graphical assets to reduce memory requirements
* Added area notifications on quests

* Aspect ratio fixes for the HUD and the character creator
* Enhanced performance in the character creator
* Save files moved to a read/write safe folder (Windows 8 / 8.1 friendly)
* Various language fixes
* Various player animation improvements
* Various network optimization to improve latency

This is the 4th update for the game since it's launch, and rest assure we are devoted to continuing development and fixing any lingering issues. Stay tuned for more information as we head into the new year. We wish you all happy holidays and thank you for your support.