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LOA 1.61.803.3995 Patch notes
« on: October 17, 2013, 09:55:53 PM »
Hello LoA Fans! Here's some info on the newest patch for you! Take a looksee,

General improvements
* Lowered the overall RAM required for Nexus and Expeditions
* Smoothing out of frame freezes in the main menu
* Smoothing out of frame freezes while looting and in combat
* Russian language improvements and additions
* FPS improvements

* Custom music play cycle in loading screens
* Custom wave music in Last Stand
* Portraits for guards and custom NPCs in Nexus
* New sounds for boggards & dusk runners
* Enemy parry and repel sound additions

* Fixed an issue where certain combinations of buffs would scale each other
* Fixed an issue where no health bar was displayed on Aether Generators.
* Fixed an issue where null errors would occur if you destroyed the Death Gem.
* Fixed an issue where you could break the final Obatymos Quest by destroying the Aether Generators prior to inspecting the Wall.
* Fixed collision issues in Nexus
* Fixed trade window issues
* Fixed skill highlight issues
* Fixed expedition bugs
* Fixed achievement bugs
* Linux : Fixed an issue where the game would crash during character creation.
* Linux : Fixed an issue where Settings.ini would not save properly.

Known Issue: Linux

You need to put "" into your lib folder (/usr/lib), this will fix any issues you may have had with LoA on Steam (Achivements, Inviting, etc.).

You will find in your Legend Of Aethereus folder ( run “sudo cp /home/[username]/.local/share/Steam/Steamapps/common/LegendOfAethereus/ /usr/lib” )

Have fun and remember to give us all your feedback!
-Anthony LoA CM


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Re: LOA 1.61.803.3995 Patch notes
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 11:41:25 PM »
First, the standalone Linux download for this version doesn't have any buttons in the main menu for me - it worked before.

The Steam version works fine, but only has the 32-bit binary which crashes a lot, especially with the binary AMD drivers! Could you please add the 64-bit binaries to Steam for Linux?

Also, please test with AMD graphics under Linux >:(

You need to put "" into your lib folder (/usr/lib)

No! Never, even as a workaround, tell people to manually put stuff into /usr/lib - folder is managed by the package manager and should be touched by the package manager only. Stuff from outside the package manager generally goes into /usr/local. But even that is a bad choice as installing a library in a system-wide location (where it can potentially affect all programs) for just one game is insane. Instead, create a wrapper script that adds the game directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH like any other game on Steam that needs additional libraries (or use LD_PRELOAD or specify a full path when loading the library or...). A wrapper script would even allow you to automatically select the 32-bit or 64-bit game executable depending on the system's architecture.

I must say, as a Kickstarter backer I'm disappointed, that the game was 'released' in this state. Hopefully it will be patched to actual release quality as, from what I've been able to play, it looks really promising.