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Testers Needed!
« on: August 26, 2013, 09:17:58 PM »
Call to Arms - Testers Needed!
Have you ever wanted to help test patches, updates, and new content to a game you were already playing? Have you ever wanted access to the dev team, to give direct feedback and suggestions? Have you ever wanted to feel like you were directly assisting the growth and development of a project? Well now's your chance with Legends of Aethereus!
Today we're sending out a call for all willing and able Gamers already playing Legends of Aethereus, we need your help and we're willing to offer a you a few things for that help.

First things first though, as with all QA and Testing Teams, you will need to agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement or "NDA" as most people know it. What the terms of this NDA are, and what we expect from you in keeping it will be discussed during the application process.

Application process?
Don't worry, it's nice and simple. You'll send the following information,
-Age (Must be above 18)
-OS of Choice (Win/Mc/Linux Distro)
-Previous testing experience (Not required, but raises your chances.)
-Acceptance of the NDA between you and Three Gates Studio (Required)
To with the title, "QA Team Application."

What do you get out joining the team?
-Access to a test-team only sub forum on the main community forums, with the ability to give suggestions, and feedback directly to the dev team. As well as getting updates from the team about upcoming patches.
-Each member gets a full version game key to give out to a friend.
-Access to bi-weekly meetings with the Community Manager, for updates, testing direction updates, and more via Skype.
-More extras to be determined SoonTM.

When do we need you?
-The application process starts with the posting of this announcement, and ends on 09SEPT2013
When will you find out if you were accepted?
-You'll receive an email from me on the 9th with further instructions and an acceptance notice.
So, good luck, and send us those emails and come help LoA Grow!

Legends of Aethereus
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Re: Testers Needed!
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 08:13:10 PM »
Stay tuned for an email from me some time today if you've been accepted on to the test team. -Anthony LoA CM