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Changelogs, because you asked!
« on: July 25, 2013, 03:26:46 AM »
Changelog LOA V33

### New features ###
Procedural Quest Generation System
Settings file added (setting.ini in loa.exe folder)
Skill Masteries added
New skills added
Five new Khagal Clans implemented.
New enemies and enemy types added
Feature "Buy Missing" added to Crafting System
New armors and components added to Crafting
New weapon type added (two-handed Maces/Hammers),
New Player Combat Animations,
Sound Update: Environmental, Combat, Enemy, sounds added
Materials updated: Tweak of current materials plus addition of new
Last Stand Update: Addition of Hard-mode
Combat Trainer Update: New large arena added
General Arena: Addition of updated reward system
Consumables update: adjust and addition of new consumables.
New NPCs added both in Nexus and in Ghalia.
Player Apartment added
Player Achievements added
Player Stats added
Nexus customization added
New quests added. (Two new quest lines)
New items and icons added
New beards, hairstyles and other Character Customizations added.
Backdrop models added to levels
New environments added
Cave systems added
Added private chat
Healthpack added (Press “T” to use)
Resurrect Gauge Added Highlight a dead alley and hit “E”)
New Quest theme and arena music themes added
New soundtrack added
### Fixes ###
MASSIVE graphic improvements
MASSIVE efforts in optimization
Fixed known issues in Multiplayer Lobby and Chat
Many known graphical issues fixed (low visibility)
Minimap improved greatly

### Changes ###
GUI updated and improved
Blacksmith updated and Crafting System optimized
Last Stand updated and upgraded
Combat trainer has been greatly changed and upgraded
Stats on craftable gear and weapons improved
Settings menu updated and new settings added
MASSIVE bug fixes

### Linux Specific ###
Fixed Zoom on scroll
Better compatibility for different Linux dist.

### Known problems ###

Darkness Issue when playing in non-native resolution on Linux and MAC
Bloom and Sun Shafts are very heavy in Linux and Mac, it’s recommended that these are unchecked in settings for Linux users

Changelog LOA V34

### New Futures ###

SSAO  (Screen Space Ambient Obscurance)

### Fixes ###

Quest map icons
Graphical error on intel HD graphic card
Water rendering problem on Linux and Mac Build
No more dark screen on non native resolutions in Linux and Mac
More Mouse input fixes
Player Apartment now save custom wallpapers.
Lots of Quest progress fix
### Changes ###

New flare gun sound
Officer Drenn quests will be unlocked after completing 5 quests from the main quest line

Changelog LOA RC4

### New Features ###
Hide helmet setting.
Different ambient sound day and night.
Direct connect to game.
LAN game support.
Stereo, 5.1 7.1 sound support.
Greetings sound for all NPC in nexus.
New mouseover on gear : A 3D render of the actual item if “Shift” is kept down.
Weathers and Times in Nexus.

### Fixes ###
Autopatcher on update button.
Enemy ranged effects and bombs have proper graphics.
Fixed an issue where post-effects would be active despite having been deactivated.
Fixed an issue where skill-points would be reset if a quest was aborted.
Improved FPS in Nexus and Ghalia.
New NPC Voices in Nexus Player Apartment and Nexus customization including banners, Nexus colors and first achievements.
Player Stash working properly.
Rewards progression through quest lines adjusted.
Stats system on crafted weapons and gear revised.
General balancing tweaks.
Nexus should now look a lot better.

### AI ###
New AI pattern and attacks for the Tuskboar.
Added a charge to the Tuskboar’s arsenal.
New ranged attack for the Swamp Troll.

### Mac / Linux ###
64 bits support.

(( This Will be updated))
-Anthony LoA CM


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Re: Changelogs, because you asked!
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2013, 02:57:29 AM »
Changelog LOA 1.61.803.3989 (Kickstarter update)

### New Features ###
VIP Kickstarter room
Added voice to random town npcs

### Fixes ###
Backers added to the credits list
Timeless hero statue added to Nexus
Tuskboars and Morbidwolves now have footstep sounds
Minor skill tree bugs fixed
Minor crafting bugs fixed
Nexus should now look a lot better.
Invisible shield is now visible
Feedback sound added to the Last Stand.

### AI ###
AI attack cooldowns have been reworked

### Mac / Linux ###
Fixed Sky on OSX
Fixed Resolution selections on OSX


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Re: Changelogs, because you asked!
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2013, 01:29:58 AM »
-Fixes to NPC's for build .3990 (They now have a voice response and text i regards to why they don't have any quests, or if they don't have any.)


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Re: Changelogs, because you asked!
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2013, 09:30:24 PM »
Legends of Aethereus - Changelog LOA 1.61.803.3991

### New features ###
New patch pop-up window “Update Available” with changelog, info and options
Nexus NPCs new colliders and greetings
Player Chest/Storage in Nexus
New local sounds in Nexus
Custom music added to indoor areas
NPC “Hyomoto“ added to Nexus
Flying airship added in Nexus
Global Chat added to lobby
Global Chat added in game
New Chat Features:” /g” message or “/G” message = global message,
“/w” userName message or “/W”  userName message = whisper

### Changes ###

Added multithreading to rendering 20% performance boost
Resolution fix from windowed to full mode
New Patch software (Windows 8 safe )

Gameplay Adjustments
Last Stand rewards changes
Last Stand skill cost freeze for materials
Block active timing and knockback adjustments
Parry active timing adjustments
Gem price adjustments
Materials price and scarcity adjustments
Loot drop rate adjustments
Earth Gem general shock protection adjustment

Ambience change in Kickstarter VIP room
Statue Maker GUI and Save function fixes
Custom Nexus feature improvements
Player spawn point adjustment in Nexus
Banner Customization feature improvement
Gold counter fix in player apartment

Patch GUI
Skill Tree position reset
Buy missing sound fix in Crafting GUI
General XML Features
XML fixes in Character Creator
Shock value texts fixed in GUI
Mouse over tooltip explanations added to character window
Crafting GUI shows material

Ferocious Stomp Skill Improvements
Power Strike Skill Improvements
Quest item position additions
Skill gem and material cost adjustments
Inventor Bombards power boosted

Hulk Ground Slam and Strike changes
Serpent vine optimization
Enemy cooldown optimization
Ghalian Tusk Boar sound additions
Morbid wolf sound tweaks
Tuskboar sound tweaks

Quest Levels
Terrain water and island creation optimized
Bloom, Lens flare and Sun shaft fixes
Flooded Altar quest action and terrain fixes
Beating Drum quest action fixes
Dusk Run quest terrain and bridge fix
The Sinking Land quest map position fix
Orandau Temple quest action changes
Rumors of the Ancients Quest tunnel fix
Pyramid Collider optimization
Caves glitch fix
Out of bounds fixes

### Linux Specific ###
water Linux fix for ATI card
Alt tab on Linux will now not make the character Black

###Mac Specific###
water on mac fix for ATI card
Alt tab on Mac will now not make the character Black
Mac game start up crash fixes
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Re: Changelogs, because you asked!
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2013, 09:43:37 PM »
Patch is live! Go get it, :) -Anthony LoA CM